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Terms & conditions

​T&Cs for All Products 2024
  1. The projected operational period, or ‘season’, of Tūroa Ski Area is 28 June 2024 - 28 October 2024.  All passes and products purchased cease on the closing date, or before if the closing date has changed (see 2.)

  2. Operational dates are subject to weather and snow conditions.  The duration of the ‘season’ may change due to weather conditions. No warranty will be offered in the case of late opening, early closing, or closed days during the ‘season’. This includes the closure of specific lifts on any operational day.

  3. Pure Tūroa is not responsible for (and will not have any liability in connection with) the closure of any lift, the mountain and/or Tūroa Ski Area, caused by any routine maintenance, adverse weather conditions, force majeure, travel restrictions, or other circumstances unforeseen and/or beyond reasonable control.  

  4. With the exception of three year season passes, products purchased will expire at the end of the season in which purchased.  These cannot be carried over to the next year or season. 

  5. All prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.  All prices are in New Zealand Dollars, ‘NZD’. Fees and payment: You can view the most up to date prices for our Passes and other products on our website. Please note that: (a) a card processing fee of 2.5 % of the purchase price will apply to any purchases made by credit card, or debit card when the card holder is not present.  (b) Where goods or services are advertised with an incorrect price or with incorrect information, Pure Tūroa reserves the right to cancel your order/purchase (regardless of whether you have made payment for that order). Where payment has been made for an order that is subsequently cancelled by us, a refund will be issued. 

  6. Pure Tūroa will not accept cash in any form of transaction.

  7. These Terms and Conditions are correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change.

Season and Day Passes 2024
  1. The pass holder uses the resort at his/her own risk.  While Pure Tūroa will to the best of their ability try to identify and mitigate hazardous circumstances, the alpine environment is constantly changing and pass holders must recognise the associated risks of mountain use. Pass holders accept the risk of personal injury and property loss or damage that may result from use of this facility including but not limited to access road, car parks, in-bound terrain and out-of-bounds terrain.

  2. Passes are valid for the proposed season dates, if there is an extension to this an extra charge may apply for those wanting to extend their pass.

  3. Season pass benefits apply to purchased passes only.

  4. ‘Bring a buddy Wednesday’ . Valid for all purchased season passes.  Excludes school holidays. 

  5. Two day passes for Whakapapa are provided for season pass holders who purchase prior to May 15th.  These day passes are like for like with the day pass equivalent (midweek/youth/adult etc).  For use by the season pass holder only. 

  6. Liability: To the maximum extent permitted by law: (a) Pure Tūroa is not liable for any loss, damage or injury including direct, indirect or consequential loss suffered by any person arising out of or in connection with the use of the Pass. (b) To the extent that liability cannot be excluded under (a) above, Pure Tūroa liability to you whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any loss, damage, or injury shall be limited to the amounts paid by you to RAL in relation to the goods or services giving rise to the claim.

  7. Lift users must carry their pass at all times when using the lifts. A lost/forgotten pass can be replaced at the ticket office. A card deposit of $5 will be charged.  Once a new pass is issued the old pass will be deactivated. 

  8. Pure Tūroa may use gate control cameras, or individuals at its RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) access control gates to identify persons when those persons access or use the lifts. Pure Tūroa uses this system to confirm that Lift Passes are used only by the correct persons.

  9. All personal information must be correct including name and date of birth. Personal information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

  10. Passes are non-transferable under any circumstances. Passes must be used solely by the pass holder whose name is on the pass. Fraudulent use of your pass will result in confiscation of the pass and prosecution of all parties involved.  Both parties may also be trespassed from Pure Tūroa facilities for two years, and any trespass takes effect across all commercial ski areas in New Zealand (SAANZ affiliated members).

  11. Single-day Beginner area passes can be upgraded to full mountain passes for the difference on the day.

  12. Pure Tūroa has no control over the weather and day passes which have been activated cannot be reused on a different day or refunded due to lift closure during the operational day. 

  13. Weekday passes are valid Monday - Friday only. Weekday pass holders will be unable to use the lifts during weekends unless by purchasing a valid day pass.  

  14. Pure Tūroa reserves the right to review any passes being used by parties for commercial purposes. 

  15. The pass holder agrees to follow the snow user’s responsibility code.  Misconduct may result in a loss of pass without refund. 

  16. Pass holders must conduct themselves in a responsible manner including but not limited to: abiding by all signage, taking note of slow speed areas, listening to staff directions, taking note of closed areas, not riding/skiing under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not engaging in antisocial or abusive behaviour towards staff or other area users.

  17. All pass holders must abide instructions from staff when driving on the Ohakune Mountain road. Failure to abide by signs, closed road notifications and instructions or reckless and dangerous driving may result in cancellation or suspension of the pass with no refund.  Failure to comply with road rules (including within a traffic control point) is illegal, and video footage may be forwarded to NZ Police).  NZ police may be called to any incident at the discretion of staff. 

  18. A pass is required to access all / any lifts, including while in a Snow School lesson. Any person who uses or attempts to use a lift (including the magic carpet) without a valid pass and without reasonable excuse will be required to pay for a day pass and may face prosecution and/or a trespass notice. 

  19. All Pass holders must be respectful of the Tongariro National Park and dual world heritage area. Please set an example to ‘pack in – pack out” any litter.  

  20.  In the case of a season pass which cannot be used a refund will only be issued if the required warranty has been purchased along with the pass.  This will be calculated on a pro rata basis considering days used, the $60 pass warranty is non refundable. 

  21. Pure Tūroa reserves the right to ask a Pass Holder or a person purchasing a Pass, whether for themselves, or on behalf of anyone else, for proof of age and identification at any time.

  22. Photo identification may be required when picking up your snow Pass card, being issued a replacement, or updating your photograph.

  23. Pass warranties are available at time of pass purchase only.  The warranty covers injury/illness preventing the user from skiing and snowboarding, pregnancy or moving overseas/to the South Island for work meaning that the pass will not be used.  Proof (including a Doctor certificate if applicable) is required to support all of the above and cases are assessed individually. Refund amount will be determined according to days used and when during the season the warranty is applied for.

  24. Due to NZ Civil Aviation laws and DOC regulations drones are not permitted in the National Park.  For commercial permissions please contact info@PureTū

  25. Tūroa Ski Area is smoke free and we ask all visitors to respect this.  There is a small designated smoking area at base.

  26. Teaching lessons and accepting monetary funds is not permitted at Tūroa Ski Area. Lessons are only available through Tūroa Snow School. A Pass Holder delivering a professionally delivered lesson (paid or unpaid) will be referred to NZ Police for a complaint of theft of services, as well as immediate trespass from Tūroa facilities (and by extension all Ski Area Association of New Zealand ski areas) for two years. Details will also be passed to any appropriate national instructor body for their action.  A Pass Holder taking part in a professionally delivered lesson (paid or unpaid) will receive a twelve month ban from Tūroa ski Area. Pure Tūroa makes the sole decision on what constitutes a professionally delivered lesson.

  27. Any breach of the Terms and Conditions relating to the use of the pass by the user may result in the withdrawal of the pass and all associated privileges.

  28. Pure Tūroa has chosen to prohibit guests carrying children in back or front packs whilst skiing, snowboarding and using lifts for access.

  29. Age definitions are as follows:

    1. Services pass includes NZ police, fire, ambulance and defence force members. proof required. 

    2. For all season passes (excluding 75+), including the RAL Life Pass Holders pass ages are taken as of April 1, 2024.   75+ age is at time of purchase. 

    3. For day lift passes, rental and Snow School products, ages are taken on the day of purchase.

    4. For all season passes, multi season passes, day passes and other products Youth is 6 - 16.  Adult is 17+ and Senior is 65–74yrs of age.  Photo ID may be required.

    5. 5 and under and 75 and over ski free of charge and require a validated pass to ride the lifts. Photographic ID will be required for 75+ at time of purchase.

    6. Students are 17+yrs enrolled full time (minimum 32 weeks in a calendar year) with a New Zealand or Australian tertiary institution. Student ID & proof of full time status required.

Three Season Pass
  1. The Multi-Season Pass offer is valid until 15 May 2024. No Multi-Season Passes will be sold past this date.

  2. Multi-Season Passes can only be purchased by current Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Life Pass Holders.

  3. The three season passes are valid for the 2024, 2025 & 2026 winter seasons only. 

  4. Multi season passes will attain the same benefits as the season pass holders of the current season at the time of use. 

  5. Pass warranties are not available on multi season passes. 

  6. Adults are classed as anyone aged 17 or above as of 1 April 2024. 

Snow School 
  1. ‘Lessons’ includes all Private Lessons, Youth or Adult Group Lesson, Full & Half day and Programmes

  2. Maximum group lesson  numbers are subject to change due to demand and instructor availability. 

  3. Unless otherwise stated, Snow School products do not include a Lift Pass or rental equipment.

  4. Any changes to lesson bookings will be subject to a $25 administration fee.

  5. Lesson age brackets will be strictly enforced.  Parents will be notified to collect their child and no refund issued for youths put in a lesson not correlated with their correct age. This is due to safety and enjoyment for all group lesson users. 

  6. Lesson packages can be redeemed on any day, in the case of a closed day the package date can be altered, in the event that the pass has not been activated.  Once a package has been validated for the day (pass used) it cannot be transferred to another day. 

  7. A contact phone number is required at the time of booking.  For youths in lessons this should be the number of their emergency contact. 

  8. Bookings are not confirmed until paid in full.

  9. Private lesson bookings require a minimum of 24 hours notice to be refunded or rescheduled. Any rescheduling will be subject to availability. 

  10. Private lesson bookings that are cancelled between 2 and 24 hours notice will be subject to a 50% fee. 

  11. Private lesson bookings that are cancelled less than 2 hours before the scheduled start time or in a “no show” situation will not receive any refund or possible rescheduling. 

  12. Participants in adaptive private lessons ,  2 hour or 4 hour private lesson must show proof of SSNZ membership to receive the 50% discount. 

  13. Lesson dates must be selected at the time of purchase. 

  14. In an adult group lesson which has only  x 1  participants the lesson will be changed to a 1 hour private lesson.  

  15. Any programme refund requests will be assessed on a case by case basis and issued on a pro-rata basis.  These will only be considered in the case of an injury to the participant which no longer allows them to participate in the programme going forward.  No refunds will be issued for one off sick days or missed days. 

  16. Lesson hours on Womens weekends may differ per day due to weather conditions in order to reach the total number of hours of snow over the three days. 

  17. Academy groups require a minimum of 4 x participants and in the event that we are unable to facilitate a group we will contact you with alternate options.

  18. Closed day activities will be offered on Academy Programme closed days.  These are optional, however no partial refund or discount is available for opting out.

  19. Lunch is included for  Academy Programme participants when sessions are on-mountain.  Vegetarian options are available.

  20. Closed day programme - participant to bring a packed lunch. 

  21. Tūroa Little Rippers will run if any facilities are operational.  If more than two Sundays are closed one additional Sunday will be scheduled.

  22. Where a Programme is purchased, and it is later identified that the participant is not at the required skiing/riding ability, a transfer to the appropriate Programme may be available. If there is a difference in price, we will charge extra or refund based on the prices when the original purchase was made.  If there is no appropriate group available a refund can be made, the amount of which will be subject to a $25 admin fee and pro rated for days used. 

  23. Any relevant medical history should be disclosed with Snowschool  prior to payment/registration

  24. If a Programme group consists of three or fewer participants, the standard Programme duration (days andamp;/or hours) may be altered by Snowschool Managers.

  25. Minimum of x 4 participants and maximum of 8 for programmes.

Platinum Parking Passes 
  1. Platinum Parking Passes are for the exclusive use of the two named card holders. 

  2. Drivers have access to one parking spot per day per card, not per person. ID,season pass & platinum pass may be required to gain entry to the platinum carpark. 

  3. Photo ID and Season Pass is required for parking area entry. 

  4. Mid week passes are valid for Monday - Friday.

  5. Unlimited passes are valid for Monday - Sunday.

  6. Platinum pass holders must abide by all road closures, notifications and staff instructions.  Failure to do so can result in a termination of a pass without refund. 

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