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An introduction to our Indicative Development Plan


Here are a few highlights of our exciting planned infrastructure developments for the Tūroa ski area. Below is centred around lifts infrastructure but we have a lot more planned including areas such as roading and parking, better food and beverage facilities and improvements to other buildings and utilities. We will provide more detail as plans progress further.

Alpine Meadow Development

  • A safer and more varied learning environment with more challenging terrain experiences for beginners preparing them for a rewarding experience further up the mountain.

  • Covered carpet will provide a higher quality experience encouraging beginners to stick with it. Also offer the opportunity for a level of summer activities.

  • A Snow Factory to be deployed to ensure opening dates and provide more consistent snow coverage on low snow seasons.

Park Lane and Movenpick Replaced with a Detachable Ropeway / Gondola

  • A mid-station located at the top of the Wintergarden gives beginners a progressive ski experience. Also provides for mid-station up skiing during spring and low snow seasons.

  • An overall increase in uphill carrying capacity.

  • Implementation of a safer modern technology system.

  • Environmental benefits through a reduced physical footprint aligning with iwi expectations.

  • Opens the Tūroa experience to all ages and abilities.

  • High speed at up to 7 metres per second, much improved over the current 2 metres per second.

  • Opens the possibility of year-round operations catering to the growing sightseeing visitor market.

  • Will stand up to the sometimes very harsh weather conditions that characterise Tūroa.

  • Chairs/cabins are stored under cover at night and the cable can be run to stop ice forming. Deicing operations are greatly reduced enabling faster opening times.

  • Moves customer traffic out of the base area much faster reducing congestion on peak days.

  • Provides the comfort and safety needed for the growing snow play and sightseeing market.​

Nga Wai Heke Lift Removal

  • Maintenance requirements along with very low customer demand render this lift uneconomic to retain long-term.

  • This lift has historically only seen use by 10-15% of the skier base, while still requiring a full program of staffing, deicing and maintenance, again reinforcing the case for its decommissioning.

  • All the terrain will still be accessible from the Express.

  • Iwi have requested this lift's removal as part of our joint program to reduce the physical infrastructure footprint on the maunga.

Giant Lift Removal

  • The Giant is built on very outdated technology and at the 10-year mark will be nearing the end of its intended lifespan.

  • It is not economical to extend this lift’s service life.

  • Our new plans will deliver an uphill capacity approximately where it stands today, but with far better operational efficiency and with increased comfort, safety and speed.

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