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Group lessons & packages

Adults 13+

First or second day as a skier or snowboarder? 

Find everything you need in one easy package: lessons, lift passes, and rental equipment.

Taking a lesson is the BEST way to make sure your mountain experience is the absolute best!  Don’t struggle along alone for those first few hours, join our Snow School and let us get you up and going in no time.  Learning from a professional right off the bat means you won’t pick up bad habits and you’ll be able to make the most out of your day, or days at the mountain. 

Our packages are the best way to make your first day on the slopes smooth sailing. Packages include your lesson, ski or snowboard gear and a lift pass for the beginner area.  For everything else you’ll need like gloves and goggles we have you covered at our retail stores downtown & on mountain.  Lessons start daily from 9am.

Got a pass or your own gear?  You can purchase a group lesson without the add ons.  

Group ski lessons are not only a great way to learn but also to connect with other skiers and snowboarders, who knows who you might meet! Tackle new challenges, have a great time and improve your skills alongside others with similar abilities.

Rather have your instructor to yourself? Opt for a Private Lesson where you'll receive dedicated instruction tailored to your learning style.


Ski from 6yrs - 12yrs 
Snowboard from 7yrs to 12yrs

Kids lessons

Got your own pass or gear or a little more experience on the mountain?  You’ll be looking for a full or half day kids lesson. These lessons are for beginner to intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Full days include lunch. Full days start at 9am and half days at 9am or 12.30pm. Pre-booking is essential.

Available to purchase in June 2024.

Kids packages

Is it your child's first or second day hitting the slopes as a skier or snowboarder? Simplify their experience with our all-inclusive package: full or half day lessons, lift passes, and rental equipment—all conveniently bundled into one hassle-free offering. Pre booking is essential. 


Available to purchase in June 2024.

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