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Tūroa Ski Field, nestled in the heart of the North Island's rugged terrain in New Zealand, stands as a beacon for winter sports enthusiasts seeking adventure, excitement, and natural beauty. With its commanding presence as New Zealand's highest lifted point, Tūroa offers an unparalleled skiing and snowboarding experience.


Mighty in stature, wide-open in feel. Featuring New Zealand’s highest lifted point and biggest vertical descent. Tūroa loyalists rejoice in a landscape that resembles frozen waves, lasting well into the Spring. Tūroa’s slopestyle parks offer world class terrain and features, with a clear path of progression.

Awesome photography & video kindly provided by Oliver Smith and Nick Love /

Terrain is formed by solidified lava, with snow settling from June through to October, filling in natural gullies and rocky crevasses. Long, gentle slopes, and premier beginner facilities entice first timers to the maunga (mountain), affording them space to get the hang of turning and stopping at their own pace. More advanced skiers and riders rejoice in accessible free ride terrain, with natural bowls, and wind lips, with a vast number of cliffs and shoots.

What sets Tūroa apart is its unique conditions and natural beauty. Skiers and snowboarders can carve their way through the clouds, past remnants of old crater rims, and over ancient lava flows, creating memories that last a lifetime. The ski field's location atop the North Island's peak exposes it to the elements, adding a sense of drama and magic to the slopes. From crisp, bluebird days to soft "spring corn," Tūroa offers an array of conditions to suit every preference.

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