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Life Pass Holders 18 and under ride for free for up to 6 years

We’ve listened to the RAL Life Pass Holder community and agree we can do better for families. These people love Tūroa and are worried a multi-season price could be out of reach. It’s hard for families right now facing economic difficulties on all fronts. So we’ve come up with an offer that will really help Life Pass Holder families continue to enjoy Tūroa.

We’re a new company with a very different financial model to RAL. In our model, Life Passes don’t work as a capital raising mechanism. We need to build value in the business to make sure it’s financially sound for many years to come. We’re taking on a large deferred maintenance obligation and we’ll need to raise significant capital in the future for lift upgrades.

Selling life passes is sacrificing future revenue and this weakens the balance sheet making it difficult to raise capital. We’re committed to continual investment in improving facilities and providing a much better customer experience going forward.

We believe the offer below reflects our commitment to both ensuring commercially sustainable Tūroa snow sports for years to come and continuing to open pathways for our tamariki to access the maunga.


Any RAL Life Pass Holder aged 18 or under as of the 1st of January 2023, will ride for free for the next 5 years.

(Pass holders from the 2019 release will receive 6 years)

To take up this offer, you’ll just need to accept by August 31st 2023. We'll keep you updated on when when and how to accept the offer.


We really hope this offer answers a lot of the feedback we’ve received and we genuinely want to help Life Pass Holders as best we can. We also want our skiing and boarding community to know that we do and will always listen to your constructive feedback and ideas.

Please see our website for further info:

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תגובה אחת

That’s a wonderful gesture and movement in the right direction.

However, please consider those of us that used Life Passes to purchase reduced rate season passes for our kids.

My 3 year old was free and my 8 year old was $50 per season. $99 per day because they’re under 15 years old is out of reach. Now also consider the $600+ I forked out each year for a week of holiday crew ski lessons and hireage for my 8 year old. I‘d love to put both kids in ski school this year but not if it’s financially over the top.

I think you’re underestimating an entire customer base here, that aren’t life pass holders but do utilise elements…

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