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DOC Concession Granted to Pure Tūroa Ltd

Pure Tūroa Ltd is Granted a Concession to Operate Tūroa Ski Area, Ushering in a Fresh Future for Snow Enthusiasts with Season Passes On Sale Soon.

Pure Tūroa Ltd has been granted a Department of Conservation Concession to operate Tūroa Ski Area. The announcement comes after months of hard work by Pure Tūroa Ltd, Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Ltd (RAL, in receivership), the Department of Conservation (DoC), MBIE, and iwi partners.

The milestone achievement welcomes in a new era for Tūroa Ski Field with work already underway to ensure the upcoming season is one to remember. The dedicated Tūroa team has been working tirelessly through the summer on maintenance and the lower lift upgrades. Pure Tūroa aspires to elevate Tūroa Ski Area to new heights, delivering an outstanding snow sports experience to visitors from near and far.

Cameron Robertson and Greg Hickman, directors of Pure Tūroa Ltd and proud residents of Ohakune, express their elation as their long-held vision becomes a reality. "We are absolutely thrilled that we’re finally here and that we can start communicating with everyone about the upcoming season at Tūroa” says Robertson, emphasising the team's commitment to the future.

Hickman says “We couldn’t have done this without the support of the local community that depends so heavily on a successful Tūroa ski operation. The support we’ve had has been amazing. A massive thank you to everyone that has been involved, especially the crew on the mountain, and those that have supported our vision from the beginning.”

The past 18 months has been a challenging journey, navigating a complex RAL insolvency and Government environment surrounding the future of Ruapehu snow sports. However, Pure Tūroa Ltd has found it to be a rewarding and positive experience working with iwi and DoC to achieve this result. The concession is a positive and solid foundation that will deliver successful environmental and cultural outcomes long into the future.

Pure Tūroa Ltd looks forward to working with iwi, local business and Crown partners on a new Tūroa ski operation that is financially sustainable delivering the economic certainty our local region needs.


The Pure Tūroa team looks forward to seeing you on the slopes this winter.

Tūroa Season passes go on sale very soon. Visit and sign up to receive up to date information and go in the draw to win one of the 10 2024 season passes being given away as part of the launch campaign.


What does this mean for existing ‘Ruapehu Alpine Lifts’ Life Pass Holders?

We have a great exclusive offer for existing RAL Life Pass Holders. While we cannot continue ‘Ruapehu Alpine Lifts’ Life Passes, we are offering a heavily discounted ‘3 Season’ Pass; Adults 17 years+ $999, kids 16 years and under $299 (age as of 1st January 2024). This offer will be available when Season Passes go on sale and will end on May 15 2024.

When are 2024 Season Passes on sale?

Very soon! Visit and sign up to receive up to date information and go into the draw to win one of 10 Tūroa season passes. The first release is a special limited edition “Launch Offer” that you don’t want to miss!

Are Whakapapa Ski Area and Tūroa Ski Area operating separately?

Yes, Whakapapa and Tūroa are now independent ski fields.

Can I use my pass on both Whakapapa and Tūroa?

We hope to come up with a solution to this. Stay tuned for more information.

How many jobs are created as a result of Tūroa Ski Areas operation?

During the winter months there are over 250 Staff at Tūroa, and hundreds more additional jobs are created in Ohakune, Raetihi and around the entire region.

What changes will we see at Tūroa this year? 

Even with the short time frames you will see some changes mostly focused on the base area. Rental, Retail and Snow School will have a new layout all focused on the Plaza area.  Alpine Cafe is also getting a Pure Tūroa refresh to improve the customer experience. 

What else will be on offer this year? 

We’re bringing back some old favourite weekend events from rail jams to ski racing. There will be a larger Ski School offering and a special programme for local schools, making Tūroa more accessible than ever. More details will be announced soon!

For media inquiries, please contact

Jess Till

Marketing Manager


About Pure Turoa

Pure Turoa Ltd is a new snow sports company committed to delivering exceptional experiences on the slopes. With a focus on environmental sustainability and community collaboration, Pure Turoa strives to create a much-loved destination for snow enthusiasts of all levels. Visit for more information.

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Congratulations on your achievement getting Turoa up and running. Looking forward to the 2024 season!


Hello, will you be offer ski school this year pls.


I'm so glad you have worked out how to keep operating. I love Turoa and hope to be skiing

there for many years to come.


Have you got a special concession for over 70 LPH

Replying to

There will be special rate for 65-74 years. 75+ ski for free


Congratulations on your winning bid.

Just checking, you advertised that kids with Life Passes under 18 would have 5 years free skiing. Assume you’re still honouring that commitment?


Replying to

Thanks for your support .

We were genuinely excited about the offering for the 2023 season had our plans materialised following the watershed meeting. Unfortunately, circumstances didn't align as anticipated, and after an additional year of negotiations and costs we find ourselves unable to proceed with that particular offer.

Please rest assured that the current deal we present reflects our dedication to providing the most favourable terms possible for 2024 as the ongoing support from the RAL LPH community means the world to us.

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