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A Step Forward

We’re now well into 2024 and would like to let you know we’re still working hard and making good progress. Yesterday marked a milestone in the Pure Tūroa journey with the signing of a conditional Sale and Purchase Agreement. After a few false starts, this agreement finally details the terms and conditions for Pure Tūroa’s acquisition of the Tūroa assets from the RAL receivers. It means we can now get a lot more work done in ensuring Tūroa is the best it can be for winter 2024.


Pure Tūroa’s application for a DoC Concession to operate the Tūroa ski area is still in the public submissions phase, closing on the 9th of February. We’re very hopeful of a favourable outcome from this process with a DoC Concession, after hearings, likely assigned to Pure Tūroa late March. At this time, subject to receiving Cabinet approval, the Sale and Purchase Agreement will become unconditional and we will settle with the receivers. Tūroa will then be managed by the Pure Tūroa team with a transitional plan already well underway.

If you’d like to support our DoC Concession application, a positive submission would be very much appreciated and can be made at:

We’d like to again thank the RAL staff for their ongoing support and commitment to Tūroa. This process has been difficult and uncertain for the staff, but we hope this milestone will provide a level of confidence from here.


Thanks for all your support and interest and we’ll keep you updated as the DoC Concession application progresses.

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Scott Tansley
Scott Tansley
01 févr.

As a family we've placed multiple positive submissions. We hope many others follow suit. Great comms guys, really hoping for the best for everyone that loves the dark side.

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