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Platinum PASS

Season Pass add-on and includes 15% off private lessons for the named pass holders.


As add-on to your Season Pass and gives you 15% off private lessons for the named pass holders!


Tired of those chaotic mornings where finding a parking spot feels like a treasure hunt? Say goodbye to the unnecessary stress  and secure yourself a spot hassle-free! With a Platinum Pass, you can breeze into the top carpark like a boss.

Anytime Platinum Pass

With this pass, you hold the power to park whenever you please, any day of the week. No more circling the lot endlessly or settling for spots miles away. Snag yours now and reclaim your mornings!

Weekday Platinum Pass

Tailor-made for those Monday to Friday hustlers, whipping up a few runs between meetings or split shifts.  Make the most of the time you have by parking right at the front, every time.

Oh, and here's the kicker – each pass covers not just one, but two designated drivers, just name your second driver at time of purchase. That's one spot per day, but the flexibility to use it between two people, perfect for couples who split trips.

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